QUESTION 1.  Who are Wargames+Miniatures?

Geoff began Wargames+Miniatures in November 2012 although the original business has been going since 2010 but more as a hobby site and was developed into bona-fide online business in 2012. 
2014 saw a new development in the way of our first ‘bricks n mortar’ game store – not big by any means, but a start and a 'go to' place for all types of gamers, from tabletop miniature gamers to ccg and board gamers.

While we understand the difficulties of maintaining excellent discounts whilst providing enough stock to give a good service we know we can help provide a ‘go to’ place for our present and future local gaming community so we are going for it.  Both myself and the gaming volunteer staff pride ourselves on being honest and doing the best we can. 

As for orders, 99% of our customers find everything goes really well and their order is delivered usually within 5 days of ordering. 

We don’t always have the stock in and sometimes we can’t get it from a supplier, or we might even make a mistake, but what you will get from us is an honest answer and we will do our best to get your order to you in excellent condition and in reasonable time, and if we can’t get hold of an item we will give you your money back.

Our game store opened on Saturday, April 5th 2014 at 10am.


QUESTION 2.  If I have a query, what are your opening hours?

Our website and email is open 24/7 Monday to Sunday.  If you email us, we will do our best to answer your query by email within 24 working hours.

Our shop will be open 1pm to 10pm Monday, 12am to 8pm Tuesdays, 6pm to 10pm Wednesdays, 5pm to 10pm Thursdays, 6pm to 10pm Fridays, 10am to 10pm Saturdays and 11am to 4pm Sundays.

QUESTION 3.  There is a product I want but cannot see it on your website, will you be able to sell this to me?

It does depend on what it is as some manufacturers restrict the stock retailers are allowed to sell on their behalf.  It may also be something we have missed off our site, or a range we don’t list but can still get from a supplier.  The best thing to do is to drop us an email (wargamesandminiatures01@gmail.com) before placing your order.  We will then find out and let you know with some options for a way forward.

QUESTION 4.  How long will it take to dispatch my order?

This does depend on if we have it in stock or not.  If it is in stock we will ship it within 24 working hours of receiving your order.  If it is out of stock we will order it from our supplier at the earliest opportunity.  This is normally within a few days as we order weekly or more from most of our suppliers.  The majority of suppliers take 3 days to get our re-supply to us and we will ship it out to you within 24 hours of the supplier delivery arriving with us.  For the vast majority of orders that have items not in stock this means we will dispatch it towards the end of the week following your order.

QUESTION 5.  Will you part dispatch my order?

The short answer is no not usually as this does incur further shipping costs. This means we will wait until all your order is with us before we ship it to you.  If however there is something that is currently unavailable due to a manufacturing delay, we may decide to ship what we have and ship the remainder when it arrives, or refund the the non-shipped products.  We will usually only part ship an order if either we have made a mistake and need to correct it or the customer pays an additional shipping charge.  If you wish to have your order part dispatched then please get in touch as soon as possible so we can take the second shipping charge.

QUESTION 6.  What type of shipping do you use?

Please see our Shipping page for details


QUESTION 7.  Your website offers a collect in store option for local people.  Is that still available?

Yes, placing an order online doesn’t stop you from collecting in store.  You will of course be able to get it quicker and not have to wait for it to be delivered.  If you place an order online, just go through the normal cart procedure but select ‘Local Collection’ at the shipping page.
We will pick up on orders of this type and contact you to let you know when you can pick up or when your products will be in the store, should we need to get them in for you.

QUESTION 8.  My order has arrived and there is a problem, what do I do?

First thing you should do is double check your package/box and paperwork.  We may have put a note in the box for you or something may have slipped into the bubble wrap and you might have missed it.  If you still have a problem then the next thing to do is to get in touch by email (wargamesandminiatures01@gmail.com) or via our game store telephone number (01389 298118).
Depending on what your problem is, will there will be different solutions and too many to mention here, however we will do our absolute best to resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible.  If you want further information please go to our Terms and Conditions via the homepage.

QUESTION 9.  I can see you offer a membership, what is it and does it cost to join?

Our membership (Registration) is completely free to join.  It gives you some great benefits.  When you place an order and have previously registered all you have to do is log in and all the billing and delivery details will already be filled in.  After placing an order you can then track the progress of your order through your account page. 
The other huge benefit is you will soon be able to accrue and use loyalty points (coming soon). 
You will also receive our newsletter letting you know about any website and shop developments and any release information.  Being a registered member is also the only way to get additional special discounts throughout the year.  We promise never to sell or use your information for anything other than sending you a newsletter or special offers. 

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